Capital and Money Markets Term Paper

Choose ONE topic between these two:

1. Causes of the disintegration of the EU and its implications on the financial markets.

2. The developments of Fintech and implications to the financial markets.

Once the topic of choice is chosen, the instructions are as follows:

The main body of the paper should be between 12 -15 pages (excluding appendix, figures, tables and references), single spaced with a blank line separating each paragraph. All appendix, figures, tables and references should be at the back of the paper. On or before the due date as specified above, please submit the file in word format. To avoid the appearance of plagiarism, please careful note your references throughout your paper. For example, Wong (2014) introduced the statistical concept of hybrid GDP. There have been many articles discussing the failure of the financial system in 2007 (e.g. Wong (2014), Tomic and Stevenson (2009)). The full references, of course, should be at the back of the paper.

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