Challenges Faced in a Harvard Style paper

The Harvard style paper requires much more than skill to pull off. Many formats that exist compete for the attention of the student as different units of study use diverse styles. Since the student is likely to encounter many of these citation styles, the understanding of what each style will require is a massive task. This diversity of styles makes the student unable to understand them fully and they are forced to make errors. Errors in using the citation style makes the paper to be considered as plagiarized. Students are required to correctly identify all sources of information that they have used to produce the paper. Leaving out the citation entirely, or making mistakes when citing, may therefore lead to a non-quality paper. In addition, much research is needed to make the Harvard style paper. A student must know how to tell credible sources of information from those that are not credible, and they also need to make judgments on what is relevant to the topic of the Harvard style paper and what is not. In addition, the Harvard style paper requires a good command of English and grammatical errors have no place in this document. The same goes for errors in punctuation and the word choice in the document should also be good. To ensure that the paper has a pleasant and logical flow of ideas, the student is also required to maintain a smooth transition from section to section.

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