clinical decision making

Presentation and topic is effectively introduced (5 marks)
ï‚· The patient situation is clearly outlined (5 marks) /10
CRITERION TWO: Inter-professional practice roles
ï‚· The key roles of the two different chosen health professionals are
effectively outlined (5 marks)
ï‚· The contribution that the health professionals made to interprofessional
practice is well described (5 marks)
CRITERION THREE: Inter-professional practice
ï‚· Discusses how you/your practice partner worked with both of these
health professionals
ï‚· Identify the mode of communication used between each health
professional (ie.verbal – either face to face or phone,
teleconference, email etc) (5 marks)
ï‚· Identify the information communicated between each health
professional (10 mark)
ï‚· Identifies and describes a barrier to effective inter-professional
practice (5 marks)
ï‚· Recommends a strategy to overcome this barrier to enhance
inter-professional working (10 marks)
CRITERION FOUR: Summary & Presentation
ï‚· Succinctly summarises the key points of the presentation (3 marks)
ï‚· The presentation is effectively and fluently delivered (2.5 marks)
ï‚· Professionalism: presenter is professionally presented (2 marks)
ï‚· The presentation time is 6 – 7 minutes in duration (2.5 marks)
Total Marks
Weighted at 30%
pleae choice social worker and psychologist
atleast 6 to 7 slides.
840 words
in 5 days

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