** Please read the directions carefully!!!
For this Analysis Assignment, you are required to choose specific concepts from the assigned readings and apply those concepts to specific examples from the artifacts required for that assignment.
For the Analysis Assignment, you must include the following information:
1. The concept you have chosen [use the textbook terminology here and this may be a term or a phrase];
2. An explanation (in your words, not the textbook’s words) of the concept you have chosen [this explanation should be approximately 25-50 words in length (cannot be shorter, but can be longer) and should not be quoted from the textbook];
3. The source of your example MLA style is required; The Purdue Online Writing Lab at is helpful; Turning in an electronic link to your example will not fulfill the source requirement for this assignment];
4. A discussion of your example [this discussion should be approximately 75-125 words in length (cannot be shorter, but can be longer)];
5. A description of how your example illustrates your chosen concept [this description should be approximately 75-125 words in length (cannot be shorter, but can be longer)].

this Analysis Assignment must be typed and double-spaced and use the required subheadings. Use Times New Roman 12-point font. While the Analysis Assignment won’t be graded specifically for grammar, articulating your ideas clearly is extremely important and incomprehensible Analysis Assignment won’t receive passing grades.
Analysis Assignment
Read: Chapters Six,
Find: News Article, Magazine Article, or Advertisement
Choose: One Concept from Chapter Six

Required Subheadings for Analysis Assignment
Chapter Name:
Explanation of Concept:
Source of Example:
Description of Example:
Description of How Example Illustrates Concept:


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