community psychology

View the video and slide show on Community Psychology
List 5 important social problems or issues facing the community you are using for your CA project or if you do not have a CA the community where you either live or work.

Mental Health,
Youth programs
Ex con Reentry (as this is my current job)
I also live in Brownsville community area of Brooklyn NY Where drugs, crimes,etc are always on a max high

Choose one of these (You should use an issue of interest to you since you will be writing on it throughout the semester) and answer each of the following questions:
Explain how or why this issue is of concern to community psychology
Which community psychology values are relevant to the issue and why?
How does this issue involve factors at individual, microsystem, organizational, locality and macrosystem levels?
What is the broader social context of the issue?

Post to this forum sentence reflective response (150 words) on how the community psychology perspective might inform your constructive action project.

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