In this assignment, you’ll select a food product or trend that is of particular interest to you and research its benefits and drawbacks or potential dangers. you will need to include many, well-supported examples. You will present the findings of your research in the form of a debate. Based on your research, you will choose one position in regards to your chosen food or diet, but you will also be responsible for providing a counter-argument to your position.

I have chosen the food trend for you, it is : THE LACTOSE-FREE TREND

Assignment Requirements:

Select a food product or dietary trend for further research, in this case, the lactose-free trend

Create an exceptionally neat graphic organizer for the debate that includes each of the following components.

A concise resolution statement or statement of value (For example: be it resolved that all Canadians should follow a Paleolithic diet).

Thought-provoking opening Statement: In this statement, you take a position in favour of (affirming the resolution statement) or against (opposing the resolution statement).

Write four research-based arguments to support the position you have taken.

Write two research-based counter-argument to the position you have taken.

Concluding statement: Summarize the arguments you made above, including rebuttals to the arguments posed by the opposing side to close your case.

Find and properly reference at least six academic sources. Provide a detailed ANNOTATION that assesses the credibility and reliability of each source. Provide a properly formatted APA style bibliography and in-text citations for all sources

This assignment should include ideas and information that are communicated with exceptional clarity and accuracy, and that make appropriate use of food and nutrition-related terms throughout
The assignment should contain no major spelling or grammar errors

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