Impact and effectiveness of healthcare organizational structure

Write a 4-5 page essay that addresses each of the following points:
1. Briefly (one succinct paragraph) introduce your current (or a recent) work organization: primary products/services, approximate number of employees, government/for-profit/non-profit, etc. (If desired, you may use a pseudonym to avoid disclosing its name for confidentiality.)
2. Structure Description – Apply concepts from the readings, your experience, and the lecture modules to describe the structure of this organization. To what extent is it formalized, centralized, and specialized? Provide very brief examples as necessary to illustrate.
3. Structure’s Impact on Effectiveness – Applying a multi-dimensional perspective, evaluate the structure of your organization (described above) to explain how appropriate or inappropriate this structure is for it to be effective in today’s world at meeting its stakeholders’ needs. Does its current structure support it being highly effective? Or, would some other design be better? Be sure to tell – on the basis of course concepts, your research, and logic – why this is so. What is the rationale for your conclusion? Cite concepts from the course readings, outside scholarly articles, and/or lecture notes to support your analysis.
You should consult and cite a minimum of five references, three of which should be articles from academic journals not assigned in class (i.e., not your course readings).
Wikipedia or any sources from the Internet (e.g., from a Google search) may not be used. Use only sources from the UMUC virtual library databases. Two excellent sources of articles are ABI/Inform and Business Source Complete.
You will use APA style for this paper. APA is important because you as researcher and others as reader of your work need a structure to navigate ideas. 4-5 pages are the narrative of a paper, not including any front matter or back matter such as Title Page, Works Cited, etc. Please read and reread my notes at the top of this page on common APA errors.

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