Engineering Materials Report on Front Fan Blade (turbofan gas turbine engine)

Engineering Materials Report on Front Fan Blade (turbofan gas turbine engine)

M11EKM- Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Materials

This assignment is formulated to test knowledge of advanced materials and processing technologies, specifically to demonstrate an understanding of the interactions between design requirements for a component and the materials and manufacturing route selection. This is a two part coursework.

(No need to do this part, already finished)
Part One: Initial report Submitted Friday 20th February 2015 via M11EKM Moodle site.                               This initial report represents 40% of the module mark

Produce a 1500 word initial report answering sections 1) and 2) as given below.

Mark breakdown Initial report

15 marks for section 1)
15 marks for section 2)
10 marks for presentation, structure, appropriate writing style and referencing

(DO this part only)
Part Two: Main report Submitted 06 May 2015 via M11EKM Moodle site.                                           This main report represents 60% of the module mark

Note on line submission uses Turnitin software to check for plagiarism

Produce a 3000 word main report answering sections 3)-5) below

Mark breakdown part two
20 marks for section 3)
15 marks for section 4)
10 marks for section 5)
15 marks for report presentation, structure, appropriate writing and referencing.

Write a report based on the requirement below.

•    Front Fan Blade (turbofan gas turbine engine)

The case study is divided into five sections. Sections one and two form the basis of the initial report. Sections three-five form the basis of the final report

Structure your report following the section breakdown given. If you do not answer a section (or sub-section), you cannot get any marks for it.  Do not combine sections or sub-sections

Initial Report
Section 1 (No need to do this section!!)
a)    Provide a review of how your component(s) functions as part of a system (5 marks)
b)    Describe the in-service conditions and loading modes that your components(s) operate under and therefore justify the material characteristics needed for your selected component(s).                    (10 marks)

Section 2(No need to do this section!!)
a.    Perform a material selection for your component(s) using CES software, so justifying the conventional material(s) used in your selected component(s). Use relevant material performance indices and CES selection charts. (10 marks)
b.    Review any surface considerations relevant to your component(s) (e.g. corrosion, wear,) and indicate how such issues are addressed for your component by appropriate surface treatment.  (5 marks)

Main Report (To the writer: only do the Main Report for the Section 3-5, NO NEED to do the initial report section 1-2 on above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Section 3
a.    Provide a brief summary review of initial report as introduction to main report, justifying which material was selected previously (3 marks).
b.    Describe how the current (conventional material) material selected (in section 2a of initial report) & component geometry influences the choice of manufacturing routes that are feasible (4 marks).
c.    Justify and review the current manufacturing route (7 marks).
d.    Relate how your selected manufacturing route imparts microstructural changes to the material and indicate how this may affect material properties (6 marks).

Section 4
a.    Discuss any alternate material(s) that could be used for your chosen component. Select an advanced material based on a combination of CES software justification and reasoned discussion/argument. Focus on advanced materials such as composites (polymer, metal or ceramic matrix), ceramics and high performance alloys as is relevant to the component(s) in question. (10 marks)
b.    Survey advantages and limitations of your selected advanced material for the  component(s) concerned (5 marks)

Section 5
Justify a manufacturing route that could be considered for the component(s) in the advanced material(s) proposed in section 4. (10 marks).                                                                                                                          Note: You should describe how your particular component is to be manufactured in the advanced material, not just how the material itself is derived in bulk form.

Main report: presentation, structure, technical writing style and referencing: 15 marks

Guideline notes

•    A Contents Page should be included
•    Must structure the report as per the sections in the question (eg. section 3a, section 3b etc.).

•    You must use figure numbers (+ caption & reference) for all graphs /images and table numbers for tables.

•    Cite references in the text at relevant place as well as full listing of references at end of report…This is very important!! Failure to include references in the text will be heavily penalised.

•    Do not copy & paste text from the internet or technical reports even if referenced, must use your own words.

•    It is permissible to occasionally quote several lines from referenced sources directly using quotation marks and citing the reference at location of quote. You are then expected to comment and discuss the text you have quoted

•    Part of the task is the present your findings in a clear and succinct format.                        Excessive report length (greater than 10% over word limit) will be penalised.

Essential diagrams & CES graphs should be included in the main body of each report

Include non-essential diagrams/figures in an appendix

Also….make sure you actually answer the question that is asked!