How to write a Cause & Effect Research Paper

A cause and effect research paper explains a phenomenon and the results it produces. Simply put, it answers the question ‘why?’ by showing the factors behind an observation. The views expressed are objective and in neutral tone which means that they are not loaded with emotive and flowery phrases. Nevertheless, a writer should create a strong illustration to the reader on the relationship between the ‘causes’ and their ‘effects’. Usually, the phenomena needing to be discussed are, in virtually cases, observable to anyone making cause-and-effect papers generic. In such factual matters, writers are distinguished based on how they creatively and sensibly they knit effects to their causes. Examples of these issues are drought/famine, terrorism, software piracy, marine piracy, poverty, global warming and childhood obesity among others.

It is fundamental that the essay identifies ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ in order to show their relationship. By asking ‘what’ brings out aspects of the current affairs; in other words, the effects. If we then ask ‘why?’ it takes us back to the causes that bore the effects. For instance, soil erosion is an effect brought about by clearing vegetation cover in highlands. From another approach, we identify a current event, and then anticipate the effects likely to show up in future. For instance, restoration of forests by planting trees is likely to produce the effect of increased rainfall.

While the mention of facts may resent some writers with a sense of rigidity, there is great room for flexibility. This is not to mean that the facts are misrepresented, rather that logical relation demonstrated to ties effects to their causes hold the key. Suppose two writer were to take a paper on causes of food insecurity the following scenarios are probable. In one case one writer can explain how global warming and bio fuel processing have reduced food available to a particular country. On the other hand, the other writer could elaborate on poor/ineffective policy of a government has failed anticipate food shortage with finding towards productive agriculture. In both cases, the two essays have valid arguments if the topics were left open. This brings out another import consideration: instructions on the essay.

In most cases, instructions are clear to delimit the scope of the essay. It focuses the essay within relevant discipline. Like in the case about food shortage, environmental studies may be interested more in the weather and climate than political decisions. Open topics are more probable in grammar classes than in issue-specialized subjects. The objective in a grammar I keen to develop a student’s writing skill than exhaustive knowledge on the subject.

Besides getting a grade in the subject, argumentation practice in cause-and-effects papers develops of logical reasoning. Logical reasoning is helpful in investigative work. So, whether it taking investigative research or finding bearing in navigation, quicker decisiveness could have been the skill gained from this challenging writing.

Examples of common topics are: effects of noise pollution; effects of fats diets; causes and effects of global warming; causes of poverty in Africa; effects of peer pressure; causes and effects of software piracy. The list is vast.



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