Maya Angelou Biography

Outline:Maya Angelou  Research Paper 


Thesis: Although mayaangelou’s life was full misery and struggles she still managed to rise above thee norms of society to unprecedented achievement through her poetry

  1. Introduction Paragraph
  1. Hook
  2. Context/background to introduce poet
  3. Thesis statement

Section 1:Biography

a.Paragraph 1/Assertion:Mayaangelou had an eventful chil

  1. Born on April 4,1928 Marguerite johnson in St louis,Missouri(Source 3:Critical Insights
  2. Angelou has had a broad career as as a singer ,dancer , actress, composer ,and hollywood‘s first female black director.( Source 2: Maya angelou)

b.Paragraph 2/Assertion:She attended public school in Arkansas and California, and won a scholarship to study dance and drama at San Francisco’s Labor school

  1. George Washington High school- San Francisco (Source 2:Maya Angelou

c.Paragraph 3/Assertion:Maya Angelou holds many awards, and has accomplished much in the field of poetry.

i.she was honored with a nomination for an emmy award for her performance in  Roots in 1977.



Section 2:Historical/Influences

a.Paragraph 1/Assertion: Maya Angelou a growing up in St louis ,Missouri  and choosing to get degrees in creative writing and editor,playwright  add a different element to her poems.

i.California Labor School-(Source 2:Maya Angelou )

b.Paragraph 2/Assertion: Some other outside factors that affect her as a person and her poems are she was raper by her mother’s boyfriend when was just seven year old

  1. sexual assault-(Source 2:Maya Angelou )

Iii.remainedmute  five years but developed a love language –(Source 2:Maya Angelou)

Section 3:Analysis/Discussion of literature

a.paragraph 1/Assertion:The language of Maya Angelou captures the discourse of a long life, particularly the life of the Southern Black community

i.racial issues-(Source 1:Critical Insights)

  1. Tells story though others-(Source 1:Critical Insights)

b.paragraph 2/Assertion:When it comes to Maya  there is no normal style of poetry in her collections.

i.Analysis poem:(Source 1:Critical Insights)

Section 4: Conclusion Paragraph

  1. Restate thesis statement
  2. Summarize 3 main sections of paper


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