New Freelance Small business for Visual effect artist


Assessment 2: Project


The Portfolio assignment is designed to ensure you have the skills necessary to be successful beyond ECU and your degree and can be tailored to your chosen career path.


Learning Outcomes

  • Gather evidence of learning and experiences related to personal employability skills in relation to professional practice.
  • Explore appropriate strategies to enhance ongoing personal development in order to identify potential future pathways.
  • Obtain, analyse and interpret information relating to global professional practice and employability skills.
  • Refine digital profile to enhance employability and professional practice.




Depending on your discipline and career goals, choose one of the following options:



Your portfolio consists of approximately 2500 words in total (except for journalism and broadcasting students writing a feature article).


Option 1


Freelance Small Business Ongoing


  • Report on your business, 1500 words
  • Release form for photographers/film makers


The Business Report should include:

  • Outline of business
  • Mission statement
  • Owner profile
  • Understanding of regulations, ie ABN, insurances
  • Budgeting
  • Target Market
  • Social media strategy
  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Revenue streams

Option 2

Freelance Small Business New

  • Business Plan/Report 1500 words
  • One page usage agreement to present to potential clients for signing (Photography, film)


The report should cover what you need to do to start a new business and should include the following

  • Investigate opportunities for young designers/fashion designers/photographers/film makers/writers
  • Outline of business
  • SWOT analysis on your business idea
  • Plans to grow your business
  • Budgeting
  • Target Market
  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Revenue streams



Option 3

Grant Application

  • Brief outline of the grant and what it is for
  • One page rationale for the grant and choice of grant type
  • Grant Application
  • (Note this will be the equivalent of 1500 words)


Option 4

Book Proposal

  • Brief outline of the proposal
  • Rationale for the choice of publisher
  • Book proposal directed to a specific publisher
  • Author bio (one paragraph)
  • (Note this will be the equivalent of 1500 words)


Option 5

Employment Government or NGO Report

  • Job application letter (One page)
  • Selection criteria
  • Report on one of the following topics
  • (Note this will be the equivalent of 1500 words)


Report Topics

  • The role of unions in in current work-place relations
  • Equal opportunity employment practices
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • The role of FairWork Australia and the FairWork Ombudsman
  • Community projects (eg history, art, writing)

Note: you may negotiate a topic with your tutor.


Option 6


FASHION Setting up a label

This will be similar to the Business Plan and should include

  • Outline of business
  • SWOT analysis on your business idea
  • Plans to grow your business
  • Budgeting
  • Social media strategy



You will also have to consider the following key points to help you make the right choices about the production, marketing and distribution of a new label.

Make sure to KEEP IT SIMPLE as you start out.  Understanding the relationship between your product your target market and

yourBRAND – (logo design, marketing material, visual material and packaging) are key to the success of a new business.


  1. Product

Brief description of your collection, garment type, cloth quality, construction level and finish.

Designer statement / images/ designs



  1. Clothing bracket type

With brief description ie..activewear, loungewear, resortwear, streetwear, couture event/bridal,  menswear, casual

Will it be manufactured or Boutique/ bespoke or art/ avant-garde?



  1. Target Market

Who is your collection suited to?

Age bracket  (teens, 20-30 30-40 40-50, mature)

Disposable income

Demographic – what kind of worklife, social events/ activities would mean these consumers purchase your product>



  1. Price point/ costing

Costings of fabric and production need to be considered in relation to your target market and branding. What is the level of work involved in the cut, construction and finish of your collection.

Price the materials and hours. As base production cost then work out the mark up for wholesale. Retail cost can be 30%-100% on top of this, depending on where/ how it is sold.



  1. Manufacture

How and where will the product be made?

Locally designed and made or

Local design and sample with overseas production (China, Bali, Vietnam, India)

This can affect your stockists (for example Periscope are big on locally made collections)

This can also determine the pattern/ sample prep / instructions and tech packs.


  1. Sales

How/ where will the product be sold

Bricks and Mortar – owner retailer / wholesale or retail?

Wholesale stock to other retailers  – local/national/international

Who, where (give some examples) client type, location      direct purchase, or consignment (30%-100% markup)


Wholesale to online shops ie ASOS (research sites that stock similar brands)

Host site ieEtsyetc

Own site  -webpage, facebook, shopify, ebay…

Market stalls



  1. Branding

What is your label and marketing style?

How is this linked to your photography campaign and product images?

This should also be reinforced in your lables and packaging – particularly if you have online sales your product should be presented with care and consideration of the quality and brand.






Sample and production

Terri-Anne Heighway


Product brand marketing placement 

Jennifer Gaye Agencies



Useful organizations


Fashion Council WA

Textile Clothing and Footwear WA 

TFC Australia              

Department of Culture and the Arts

Design Institute of Australia




Option 7

Job Application


You can find a job that you would be interested in, or you could look at Graduate Programs, or for an entry level position in any organization. Check with your tutor before hand. Brief overview of graduate programs that maybe suitable for you.


You must include the following:



Research the application process, what does it involve and how you would prepare? Does the application require online psychometric testing and how would you prepare for that? Is there are a group interview and what might that involve? How would your prepare for that?


Research the organization that you wish to apply to. Look for any issues they might have and present a solution.  (one page)


Cover letter(one page)


Selection Criteria

Statement addressing selection criteria using PAR statements

One paragraph per selection criteria



A CV that is directed towards the job you are applying for. Minimum of one page and a maximum of three pages




Any additional information that maybe asked for

Ie police clearance, health check, license, and membership to relevant professional organizations if appropriate etc.


Graduate Programs

Below are links to some graduate programs. The applications for these are usually in the first half of the year.

Australian Government Graduate Programs


Price Waterhouse Cooper Graduate Program


Government of Western Australia Jobs







Option 8

Graduate Diploma of Education/ English as a Second Language Teaching

  • Report
  • Selection criteria
  • Job application letter

Report Topics

  • Teaching in regional communities
  • History of teaching the art/design/history/English/languages in Western Australia
  • Teaching in remote indigenous communities
  • Opportunities and pitfalls for ESL teaching in a particular country

Option 9

Advertising Tender (usually for advertising students)


Knowledge of the government tendering process is important in advertising, as the government is the largest advertiser in the state.  Knowledge of tendering may also be useful to other disciplines.

  • Selection criteria
  • Job application letter
  • Brief outline of the tender
  • Response to tender, meeting all criteria
  • (Note this will be the equivalent of 1500 words)



Option 10

Scholarship Application

  • One page outlining the scholarship requirements
  • Scholarship application
  • (Note this will be the equivalent of 1500 words)


An example might be the New Colombo Plan


Option 11

JET Programme Application


One page on the requirements of the JET Program that includes the following:

  • You must identify the skills they are looking
  • SWOT analysis in relation to your application
  • Identify things that will need to be worked on to be successful and explain how you will do that



Below is a link to the FAQ for the application


The instructions below are from the application website FAQ

Q: What should I write about in my Statement of Purpose(essay)?

A:InyourStatementofPurpose,applicantsareencouragedto(1)explaintheirmotivationforapplying,(2)give examples of relevant experience and abilities that they can bring to the position, and (3) state their expected outcomes of participating in the JETProgramme.


Q: Is there a particular style guide that I should following when writing my Statement ofPurpose?

A: A Statement of Purpose (SoP) MUST be typed in size 11 or 12 font and in an easy to read font (Calibri, Arial, Times NewRoman,etc).SoPsmustbesingle-sidedanddouble-spacedonA4paper(210mmx297mm)orletter-sized(8.5in x11in)paper.ItMUST NOTexceedtwopagesinlength.Thispagelimitisstrictlyobserved.


Option 12

Post Graduate

For students planning on going on to post graduate studies you will need to


  • Literature review 1500 words
  • Research questions x3



Option 12


Negotiate topic with your tutor .

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