operation management

Identify ONE quality problem in your work organisation or a selected organisation. Provide recommendations from a Total Quality Management perspective on how the problem can be resolved.

Description of the selected organisation-Clear and detailed description of the organisation including the name, type of business, vision and mission, products and/or services provided, fully supported with data.

A general two page write up describing Total Quality Management (TQM)-A definition of quality was provided. The description of TQM was comprehensive and covered 6 elements of customer driven TQM. Sufficie

Identification causes of problem (either product or service quality) in the selected organisation and analysis of the root cause/causes of the problem.-The causes were clearly identified. Each cause was clearly and systematically analysed. Sufficient examples were given to support the analysis.

Recommendations on how the mentioned problem can be solved.-3 feasible and related recommendations with clear justification for each recommendation were given.

(highlighting TQM, analysis of quality problem and recommendations)-The summary was comprehensive and covered 3 of the mentioned areas.



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