Political science

Political science

Answer the question without introduction and without conclusion
The question is :
Are free market liberal economies unfair? You should cite at least three thinkers (you can count ‘communitarians’ as one or refer to any of them individually) in your discussion.
Have a look at the marking criteria and try to achieve all
Use only Academic sources are those found primarily in books and academic journals (Use ONLY books and academic journals for this research). You are required to use proper APA referencing style without any minor mistakes in the bibliography. Dont forget to cite all the info you used and include page number in all citation.

( please cite at least three of the following political thinkers ) :
Socrates – Plato – Aristotal – Augustine – Aquinas – Machiavelli – Thomas Hobbes – John Locke – Rousseau – Hume – Kant – Edumnd Burke – Marry Wolestonecraft – Tom Pain – Mell – Marxs – Rawls – Nozik
You can use the communitarians as one of your thinkers as well

and please remember it is not an essay just answer the question without any introduction or conclusion


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