How to Write Your
To be submitted via TurnItIn – DEADLINE: 3rd of May
The presentation report should include the following sections:

1. Critical bibliography
This section deals with the content of your presentation
How do you select your sources?
How do your sources contribute to answering the presentation question?
What kind of information/content do they provide? (Do they provide the conceptual framework? Do they provide useful examples or case studies? Do they help you understand a particular concept?)
What are your sources’ possible limitations/bias?

2. Presentation structure
This part covers with the argument of your presentation and the analysis/evidence you present
What is your argument?
According to which criteria are you structuring your presentation? In other words, for example, why do you present some aspects first, others later?  (Are you thinking about ways of engaging your audience? Are you thinking about ways to make the subject more accessible?…)
What are the (possible) challenges in translating your points and different perspectives on the topic on the Powerpoint slides?

3. Presentation performance
This section covers both the visual aids you use (Powerpoint slides) but also your oral performance
What considerations guide you in your selection of font/colours/images/…?
What do you do to look after your voice/body language and to make sure you look confident and professional in talking about your topic?

4. Teamwork
What do you do to ensure good collaboration, coordination and communication among group members?
What do you do to ensure that the presentation is coherent as a whole despite the contributions by several team members?
What are the challenges in team working?

5. What did you learn from the practice presentations?
This is a reflection on the work you have done during the semester
What were the initial challenges in giving presentations? How did you overcome them?
Which aspect of the many skills required to give a good presentation did you most work on during the semester?
How are your presentation skills at the end of the module in comparison to how they were at the beginning?
What skill/s would you need to develop in order to further improve?