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Reflection for week (2) 17/01/2018

(Systems modelling and optimization):


In Strathclyde university and in DMEM depart gave us options to choose one elective course from a lest. I chose Systems thinking and modelling to help me in my job and in my life also. I heard about this course is useful for change your thinking in different complex problem which maybe I will face in your project and in my life.


Before the first class and introduction I worried about the course and how I will write reflection for each class. However, after watched video about Reflecting writing in YouTube and some article about reflection I felt confidence.

Furthermore, I thought Systems thinking and modelling course will give traditional way for thinking but after I read some course material and articles such as (A systems thinking framework for knowledge management) my thought was wrong. I surprised when I read article for Rubenstein-Montano et al., (2001) about Systems thinking which explain that focus to understand the complex problem and responsiveness. Also, they emphasis on systems thinking examine the relationship between different parts of the systems which that help to understand the environment of the problem. This type of thinking which every time I make mistake. When I was working in Saudi Arabia and I have complex problem in my job, directly I think about how I solve the problem. For example, I had problem with big project which is late for handover to end-users and I thought about how I solve the problems, but I did not think maybe something wrong inside the project such as barriers prevent puck up the tools. Also, if understood all parts of the problem I think my solutions will be different.

I found this course is very useful for me in specific in my job and in my life in general.

In future and now, I will change my thinking about how I will face the problems which that will be confidence and different person.







Reflection for week (3) 24/01/2018

(Toxins and Deficiencies in the Workplace):


To choose your job maybe this your chance but you cannot choose your workplace which that maybe describe the important for the last class. The last class talk about the toxin in workplace which is the one issue from different issues which I struggled this subject in my job. Also, I think the information which we learned in the last class is not in workplace but also in dealing with people.

I surprised the subject when class began but after I read Peter Frost articles which about emotion in workplace and related that in toxin, I realized something heading in thinking I do not know. However, maybe I have experience with two jobs and I realized after class why I did not like the first the job, but I enjoy every day when I go to second which related in toxin.

According to Peter Frost the toxin in workplace which is prevent people to interest the job, ability to innovation will not thrive and the work will not get done. In the first job, the manager though about job only and he did not mind about the employees which that effect in employee and work performance. On the other hand, the second managers who deal with the employees as human and believe if stuff happy inside the workplace the creative and good work will come.

Moreover, the toxin is happen in every organization (Peter Frost) which that maybe major reason which the lecturer said “a good system may be bad things “. However, the major problem for toxin is not why happen but how the organisations deal with.

In future, I will change my mind about deal with people in workplace and with my employees which is not secret which I thought just in the work. In addition, I will try as you can to deal with toxin to make my work a good work place.











Reflection for week (7) 21/02/2018:

(Thoughts on Leadership in a Systems Thinking Context):


In the first time or a glance when I read the subject for last which is (Leadership in a Systems Thinking Context) come to my mind what related between leader ship and systems thinking. However, after I read full text and some articles which related in leadership and thinking such as (Safety leadership and systems thinking) which approve the leadership with systems thinking can help us in different sectors. The leadership in systems thinking as a key in leader hand who can use with any department with distinguish.

I felt when I read course material as a film in my mind which explain some sample in my life. I met many ambitious people but some of them want to achieve to manager with any cost. Also, some of them want to be leader for any department or organisations. This true and wrong in the same time. That idea is true because when I read book about leadership strategy which is (Becoming Hewlett Packard, Why Strategic Leadership Matters) which explain many leadership come from outside HP company and another come from inside company. Most of them come from inside was success which support the role of leadership systems thinking (we develop a bias in favour of home-grown talent for).

On the other hand, I was always said when I supervise on the project and I saw some mistake in some departments “this your responsibility” after I read this course material I realize that is wrong because the leadership should to be as possible be collective which help in success the project. Also, is not secret, sometime be annoying from my collage who may be competitive with me in general manager for my department and also that wrong.

In the future project I will try change a lot of things about leader ship such as collective leadership and compotation with my collage which this benefit return to this course.









Reflection for the week (9) 14/03/2018:

(Systems thinking, modelling and optimization)


When I start the course, I found very useful information in the different subjects but wanted to get something the last lecture the full picture starts to finish.  Also, the way to solve the complex problem in my project and life’s will be now clearer. Using flowchart and visual modelling will not help me in my work study only, but I think in any complex problem maybe I will be facing.


When I was in my work in Saudi, I use some ideas in Integrated DEFinition (IDEF) in my project. We use this type of IDEF when we have a complex drawing and more details of information which sometimes the number of drawing achieve to 1000 executive drawings. However, we used to mention the number of drawing and detail building, but I don’t know a different way. I surprised about I can use this type of modelling in who the project work and to solve complex project problem.

On the other hand, the interested subject which I will learn more about it is IDEF0. According to book (SYSTEMS ENGINEERING FUNDAMENTALS) is short for (Integration Definition for Function Modeling) which has different uses. I was straggling from I have a number of projects and every time I miss define the requirements and specify the functions for furniture project.


I think now I have good elements which help me to manage that projects.  Moreover, I can manage projects during IDEF0 which I can distribute the activities as a box after that I put input as arrows entering the left side and output are shown as exiting arrows on the right then I put control elements as arrows entering the top of the box.


In future study and my life, I think this class change my way in life for deal with problem, projects and analyses.





Reflection for week (10) 21/02/2018:

(Systems thinking, modelling and optimization)


In the final class for me in Strathclyde University which my perspective about the course which I thought I would study is changed special in Systems Thinking and Modeling. In the last class which about (Systems thinking, modelling and optimization) which has strongly related in the last class and approve me to I can use this course for personal objective, my job, future job and my life.


Sometimes I feel scared about my illness (MS) and my memory which maybe effects in my future job and life.  However, the last class make me confides because I learned very useful tools such as class diagram in Unified Modelling Language (UML) which created by software engineering which today use it by international company such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle Also I can behavior with the complex project in short time with more flexibility. Any construction project has a number of shop drawings details which mean more complex details. Moreover, these drawings take a long time to study and relate together. Also, every drawing has some of the relevancy which not appears until in site. However, I think if I use (UML) diagram, I will short time and offer for determining the details requirements during describe system functionality, describe the structure of the system in terms of objects and Activity Diagrams . In addition, I can with (UML) diagram transfer complex shop drawing details and requirement to diagram very easy to read which I can after that development, connecting and visualizing the shop drawing system.

I found this class is very useful for me because I can understand and studding project as normal people but it possible to beat them.


In future job, I will learn my employees and my colleague UML diagram which that is very useful for them.



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