This paper will provide you with an opportunity to apply ideas from the course to a personal influence challenge.  Choose a situation in which you need to influence others to do something or accomplish something specific, whether that is at work or with your family or friend(s).

This short paper should be no less than 3 pages and no more than5 pages not including the cover and reference pages.You should incorporate no fewer than three references in this paper.Use the major section headers to organize your paper


Section One Context and the Related Issues

Use this section to outline the context and issue related to your situation.  You might want include:

  • What about the situation is not satisfactory and what needs to be different as a result?
  • Reasons you think the issue/changes are important.
  • Who is your primary influence target or targets
  • Other key people involved if relevant
  • Why has the situation not already been addressed
  • Are the any positive consequences to the person for not address the situation or not taking the actions you want?
  • Are the any tangible negative consequences to the person if they indeed take the actions you want themto take?


Section Two: Influence Goal

  • What is the end result you are looking for? Be as specific as you can
  • What do you need your influence targets to do or to change in order to attain that goal?


Section Three: Influence Strategy

Applying relevant influence concepts and strategies we have explored during the course, outline a plan that will influence target toattain the goal you described in the previous section

Be specific about the types of information you would provide and why you think that information is critical.  Describe the styles and the influence strategies you would use.  You can even include, if helpful to illustrate your approach, examples of critical scripts you would use to discuss the issues/changes.




Key Influence Concepts

Bradford and Cohen Currencies

Sources of give and take/Incentives

–  Inspiration-Related

–  Task-Related

–  Position-Related

–  Relationship Related

–  Personal-Related

Science of Persuasion Cialdini

Sources of Power and Influence

–  Liking

–  Reciprocity

–  Social Proof

–  Consistency

–  Authority

Investigative Negotiation

–  Understanding needs and constraints of

Influence targets

Managing Your Boss

–  Understanding the boss’ context, needs andconstraints

–  Shaping positive solutions

Negotiate with Someone More Powerful

–  Understanding the needs and constraints of

Influence targets

–  Reframing situations


Other Potentially Useful Concepts


–  Style Preferences and themes

–  Potential style/them conflicts

–  Reactions to conflict


Thomas Killman

–  Various approached

–  Limitations and consequences


Vroom Decision Making Matrix

–  Compliance v. Commitment and creativity


Situational Leadership

–  Matching readiness and the tasks


Competing Values

–  Aligning roles with the right leadership behavior and focus






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