windshield survey

Locate a community focal/starting point (for example, neighborhood, church, clinic, school, other) in the city or county where you live. Once you select a focal or starting point, you will conduct a survey of the community surrounding the site. Specifically, you will survey a 10-block radius of the facility – 10 blocks north, 10 blocks south, 10 blocks east, and 10 blocks west. If something is not within the area of the community you are surveying (for example, a Hospital), note such and state how far away it is and how people will access it. If you do not see something within the community (for example, homeless people) note that no homeless persons were observed.

Additionally, you will survey two community members about their perceptions of the 2 health and 1 safety needs/issues and 2 strengths of their community.

APA focus for this paper: in-text citation of personal commutation, objective writing (avoid biased language), formal writing (avoid use of contractions, numbers, etc) and sentence structure, grammar and flow. Refer to the APA on-line tutorial, as needed.

See the Rubric in the Assignment Submission area to view grading criteria.

Windshield Survey Considerations

If you do not use this template, there will be a 10- point grade penalty ,and you will be required to resubmit within 48 hours,or a zero will be given. In order to do this assignment, you must put aside prior knowledge about your community and gather information as if you were observing places and things for the first time. You will be reporting on only those things you observe through the windshield. Use the information found in the Instruction document to complete this assignment to guide this observation experience.
•Use a map of your county to decide what areas you will include in the windshield survey.
•Use the attached assignment document to create a list of things to observe.
•It is recommended that you request someone else to drive you. This will allow you to focus your attention on what you are observing.
•Do not put yourself in danger. If at any point, you feel at risk or threatened, leave the area immediately. Your safety is of utmost importance.
•While driving through the various regions, keep detailed notes about what you observe including the different kinds of buildings, businesses, service agencies, and recreational spaces.
•Compare and contrast areas by looking at the road conditions, types of housing, people on the streets, rural or urban in nature, etc.
•You will complete the tables included in the assignment document with the information that you locate. Your final report should summarize what you find in area you survey.

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