Racial Inequality and Gentrification

Racial Inequality and Gentrification, In 6-8 double-spaced pages (minimum), analyze your selected social problem through the lens of the
social constructionist perspective developed throughout the course. That is, your paper should
discuss the stages of the “natural history model” as they pertain to this particular social problem.
To the extent that they are applicable in the case of your chosen social problem, your paper
should cover: claims and claimsmaking, media coverage, public reaction, policymaking, social
problems work, and policy outcomes.

Thorough, successful analyses will integrate concepts related to these different stages. If certain
stages do not apply to your social problem, explain why. You should support your analysis with
appropriate scholarly sources (books and/or peer-reviewed journal articles). You are REQUIRED to use at least 2 peer reviewed scholarly sources. Journalistic sources
and the websites of claimsmaking organizations can also serve as valuable resources.

Your paper will be graded as follows:

Grading Element Points
Stages of social problems process 10
Integration of several concepts related to each stage discussed 10
Use of appropriate scholarly sources 10
Integration of journalistic sources and material from claimsmaking organizations 10
Clarity of writing and paper organization 10

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