Using Exploratory Writing to Address Writing Anxiety

Exploratory Writing used to Address Writing Anxiety

Using Exploratory Writing to Address Writing Anxiety, You know what aspect of writing gives you the most anxiety.

In this assignment, your job is to describe what aspect of writing generates the most anxiety in you, then use exploratory writing  to address writing anxiety.

You may use any of the techniques described in the core content for the unit, or any technique described in these slides.

Your assignment will consist of three parts. Each should be about a paragraph in length:

In detail, describe the aspect or aspects of writing that you find most challenging or unpleasant.

Next, identify the techniques you have chosen to you to help you overcome your challenges and explain why these techniques seem most beneficial to you.

Finally, reflect on your experience using these techniques. Did they help? In what way? Did you find any of them particularly challenging or frustrating? Why?

This assignment is meant to help you practice exploratory writing techniques, so you should experiment with multiple techniques and focus on explaining how these techniques might enhance your writing process.

The length of your essay should be at least one full page in following the formatting guidelines listed below.

Formatting Guidelines:
1. Font should be Times New Roman.

2.Text should be double-spaced .

3. Margins should be set at one inch.

4. Name, Course, Instructor, and Assignment should appear in the top left corner.

5. A title should be centered and bolded at the top of the paper.

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