Business case analysis Christian Dior


The Business Case Study assignment requires students to analyse an existing business from the
perspective of International Business Strategy and conduct the main tripod of analysis including
the following views: industry-based view, resource-based view and institution-based view
The Business Case Study should include the following elements
Chapter 1 – Introduction: International Business Strategy review:
In the introduction of the business case study, students have to define the International Business
Strategy concepts, including main elements of industry, resource and institution analysis, its
foundations and importance. Also a short description of the upcoming work must be provided.
Chapter 2 – Business presentation:
In this chapter students must provide information about the business they will analyse. Students
have to present what the company’s role, activity, size, international presence are, and so on.
From Chapter 3 to Chapter 5, the tripod of analysis of various views must be conducted.
Chapter 3 – Industry-Based View:
Here students will have to present the analysis of the industry environment showing the importance
of the business environment to the business strategy to the chosen business. The part of the
analysis must include:
– Who are the business’ main competitors in a global environment?
– SWOT Analysis.
Chapter 4 – Resource-Based View
In this chapter students will have to analyse the resource and capabilities of the business and
demonstrate the importance of this element to the business strategy of the business. Specifically,
students need to conduct VRIO analysis.
Chapter 5 – Institutional-Based View
In chapter 5 students will have to analyse the institutional environment and demonstrate the
importance of this element to the business strategy of the business. Students need to conduct the
following analysis in this chapter:
– Formal institutions analysis.
– Informal institutions analysis.
Chapter 6 – Strategic Alliances
Students will have to show a good understanding of the main elements of the strategic alliances
and examines its impacts on the business.
Chapter 7 – Corporate Social Responsibility
In this chapter students will have to identify any CSR-related business strategy. It must include the
– Identifying Corporate Social Responsibility action (environmental, social or both).
– Examining Social/Green Marketing Strategy.

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